30 April working/studying from home due to power cut Science Park


On 30 April, our network operator Liander will carry out maintenance on its infrastructure. This means that there will be no power in SP 904 (all building parts, including greenhouses) and LAB42. We request everyone to work or study from home that day. Access to the building is an exception, only for people coming to turn equipment on/off. There will be no research/teaching conducted in the building during the power cut-off. If you need to be in the building on April 30 to switch equipment on/off, please register in advance with GAM (GAM-science@uva.nl). If given permission, you can sign in at the main entrance of SP 904/reception on the day. Other entrance doors will be closed.

What will happen?

All power will go off, in phases starting from 7 AM. We aim to turn the power back on in phases from 3 PM. Power is expected to be back on around 5 PM. If you foresee any problems, please report to GAM as soon as possible. Everyone is responsible for supervising the switching on and off of the equipment. So switch it off before 30 April, and switch it back on 30 April from approximately 3-7 PM.

The emergency power network will go into operation. Equipment connected to it will remain operational. Therefore, please check that the right equipment is connected to the emergency power network. The research servers in our server room building D will basically all be shut down, supervised of course. Because many of the SER rooms will also go out, communication with these servers will also be virtually impossible.

Why this maintenance?

With this maintenance, Liander wants to ensure that the electricity grid the UvA is connected to and all other users in our area remain stable and safe. In this way, the chance of power grid failures in our area remains as small as possible. It is therefore important that this maintenance is completed, this time including the distribution station. Liander has indicated that no power will be available to the buildings on our part of Science Park during the maintenance. This does not include the Nikhef section where ASP107 is also located. The grid voltage will be maintained there.