Rhite assists you in navigating the technical and legal aspects of AI and other digital solutions. All while managing privacy and security risks, minimising adverse impacts, and ensuring compliance. Our consultancy services cover the entire spectrum. Whether it involves developing cutting-edge tools, making informed procurement decisions, or navigating choices related to usage.

What we do

  • Serving both small and large businesses;
  • Providing expertise to governments and organisations in the public sector;
  • Offering technical consultancy at the app level and comprehensive guidance at the organizational level;
  • Possessing relevant and current technical and legal knowledge;
  • Adopting a complete and holistic approach that includes assessments, research, training, and tools.

We are a compact agency with profound expertise and an extensive network. Genuinely dedicated to responsible AI, privacy, and security for many years.

    How we can help

    During the initial consultation, we work together to identify the requirements, enabling us to provide tailored consultancy services. We can help through consultancy, audits & assessments, bespoke trainings and research on demand, with common challenges like understanding AI risks, assessing impact, achieving compliance and (data) governance.

    Connect with us

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