Visualisation Lab

The Visualisation Lab is a dedicated space for comprehensive research and advanced education in the fields of computer graphics, scientific visualisation, interactive graphics systems, and immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Extended Reality (XR).

Our lab is home to an array of cutting-edge facilities designed to cater to in-depth exploration and learning. Our advanced motion capture system enables high-resolution data capture for detailed movement analysis. We have 3D printers and scanners that support a wide range of research projects, allowing the creation and digitization of three-dimensional models for virtual or augmented reality scenarios.

Additionally, our lab is equipped with high-performance graphics workstations that are capable of rendering complex graphics and simulations. This, along with our immersive VR/AR devices, offer unique opportunities for conducting research in virtual environments and the study of human-computer interaction.

The lab also features interactive touch displays that enable researchers to visualize and manipulate data and designs in real-time. To assist with hardware development and troubleshooting, our electronics workbench is equipped with a variety of tools for designing, building, and testing electronic devices.

The Visualisation Lab offers a rich, practical environment for academics seeking to study, develop, and implement the latest in visualization techniques and technologies. We aim to advance the understanding and application of these fields for the benefit of wider scientific research and education.

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Room number at LAB42: L0.03 

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Twitter: @UvA_VisLab