Construction update


The construction of LAB42 is nearing its end! Within the walls of this newest building at Amsterdam Science Park, researchers, students and companies will soon be working together in the fields of digital innovation and AI. Here are some nice to know facts:


LAB42 is built for the future. Sustainability is an important pillar in both the design of the building and its facilities. For example, rainwater is collected and reused to flush the toilets.

In the classrooms and offices, light, air and temperature are automatically adjusted to the number of people present. Optimal comfort for those present and minimal impact on the environment. Of course, there are solar panels on the roof and part of the facade and the building is completely energy-neutral.

The frame of LAB42 consists of a steel skeleton that can be dismantled. The same applies to the floorboards, dividing walls and facade. This makes the building relatively easy to adapt, rearrange and rebuild, should this ever be necessary in the future. Reusable parts are also used as much as possible.

What can you expect inside?

Upon entering the building, the inspiring hall immediately invites you to discover more of LAB42. On the first, second and third floor, there will be study areas, teaching rooms and lecture halls, where students of Information Sciences can be found with some regularity. On floors three and four, offices are reserved for companies in the field of AI and Digital Innovation. 

Also, the central meeting center and lounge, titled Neural Network, is on the fourth floor. Above that, overlooking the entire Science Park, our employees take up residence on three floors. So wherever you are in the building, you can be sure that you will be surrounded by talent.


The interior design of LAB42 is in full swing and by the end of this summer the new residents will have found their place in the new building. As soon as they have moved over, you are welcome to take a look at this new building.