Jump into the heart of the new digital innovation hub


LAB42 is the new international artificial intelligence and digital innovation hub at Amsterdam Science Park, opening September 2022. It will offer office space for companies right in the heart of research and education.

"The aim is to build a community that fosters stronger connections between companies, students and researchers. It’s a unique, international place for knowledge and talent development in AI and digital technologies."

Students and researchers from UvA’s Informatics Institute, the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) and companies that can rent offices or flex desks in the building together form the community. The community is bigger though: LAB42 will have a strong focus on sharing knowledge with others, particularly with corporate players and entrepreneurs.

An international place for knowledge and talent development in AI and digital technologies

The latest in AI at your company’s fingertips

Within LAB42, students will be based on the lower floors and researchers on the upper floors, with company offices in between them. So if you rent an office space you are optimally positioned to benefit from the revolutionary discoveries going on around you.

“The focus is mainly on SMEs and scale-ups in the area of AI”, Esther Smit says. Examples of the types of work LAB42 will produce include:

  • Using AI in medical imaging. More accurately: prescribing radiation therapy for cancer patients;
  • Digitising museum collections;
  • Improving inequality in cities;
  • Developing socially responsible algorithms for online shopping;
  • Recognising and preventing money laundering on the basis of data.
Dean mchugh: "My PhD project is about designing models for causal reasoning. We use data from philosophy, cognitive science, linguistics and logic to achieve a precise understanding of what kind of information we use when we judge that a causal relation holds."

Development in the context of real-world challenges

Collaboration is a key element of LAB42 and another reason that Amsterdam’s AI ecosystem is particularly strong. LAB42 will harness the strength of that collaboration and encourage more interaction between the various parties.

This ensures that students are exposed to up-to-the-minute technological developments, researchers develop applications in the context of real-world challenges and companies can apply AI technology to their research and development, all within one space. This means that experts are always on hand when questions and challenges arise.

Conversations that lead to game-changing advancements

LAB42 isn’t just for companies based at Amsterdam Science Park. The wider business community and the general public will have the opportunity to get amongst the innovation. The lab will host discussions and events, workshops, training sessions and will also offer flex workspaces for individuals or smaller startups.

Join us under one roof

A select number of office and flex spaces are still available for businesses wanting to get in on our knowledge hub.