Wind and Watertight just in time


At the end of June, we celebrated LAB42 reaching its highest point. In the meantime, we have come a long way. Everyone who takes a lunch walk through the Science Park can see it with their own eyes: construction is well underway for our new futuristic building!

A lot of work is being done to make the exterior wind and watertight, which is no luxury at this time of year. At the same time, also inside the building there’s huge progress. 

On the upper floors, the fine finishing touches are being put in and a start has been made on painting, installing the climate ceilings and finishing the atrium and the toilet groups. With all this progress, the building is already getting a face inside. Nice to know: roof gardens are being built on the roof.

A home of cutting-edge innovation requires a thoughtful design

  • Circular and flexible
    Reuse of materials in various areas, use of materials with a low CO2 footprint and use of dismantlable systems.
  • Sustainable
    With solar panels, a retention roof that collects rainwater and panels from recycled bottles.
  • Healthy
    Optimised acoustics by felt panels, airy open-plan spaces for meetings, presentations and informal interactions.
  • Smart
    Consolidation points will register the number of occupants so that the lighting, air, temperature and comfort can easily be adjusted in the teaching rooms and offices.
  • Inspiring
    The combination of the design and the knowledge and skills of the LA42 resident, will inspire to innovate.

But why is this all important for the University of Amsterdam? And how will it be realised in the end? Answers in the vlog below!

Circular and sustainable LAB42