Community member UbiOps wants meaningful AI to see the light of day


One of the members of our community is UbiOps, renting a workspace at LAB42. We asked them some questions to understand what's driving their business.

What are you working on as a company? 

We know how difficult it can be to deploy, (re)train and manage AI/ML workloads. Experts run into scaling problems, high cloud costs, GPU unavailability, debugging code, managing complex pipelines, building and maintaining extensive APIs, managing many model versions, and security issues. 

At UbiOps we want that meaningful AI sees the light of day. Every data science team should be able to turn their AI models into solutions that have a positive impact on our world. Our mission is to help AI teams do this in the most easy, scalable and reliable way by developing tools for production-grade deployment, training, and management of AI systems. 

Whether our partner is a start-up looking to launch an AI product, or a data science team at a large organization - UbiOps will be there for them as a reliable backbone for any AI or ML service. 

Why did you choose LAB42? 

In our search for an Amsterdam-based office - to be closer to several of our existing customers and partners such as SURF, NVIDIA, HvA, Ellogon and Amsterdam Data Collective - we found LAB42 to be a perfect fit. It is unique in bringing AI research, AI education and AI entrepreneurship together in a single building and community. Having experienced the power of collaboration in the YES!Delft and The Hague Tech communities, we are confident that LAB42 will allow us a similar inspiring landing zone in Amsterdam. 

'There's a big community of companies, students and professors that work on AI. We're here to support them in running their models and to learn from them.'

What do you think this community can offer you? 

  1. Enhance our product and knowledge base
    Continuous enhancement of our product is an essential part of UbiOps. We would like to learn and improve ourselves by engaging with AI practitioners and researchers, tapping into their expertise to optimize our product and offerings. Additionally, we're building integrations of our product with other tools - where feedback and input is highly appreciated. 
  2. Growth through collaboration
    To grow faster and more efficiently, collaboration is key. We are interested in active collaboration with fellow LAB42 SMEs, sharing insights and experiences. We offer special arrangements, including discounted rates for startups and academic institutions, and we believe that thanks to our collaboration with Lab42 more and more industry experts will benefit from our product and services.
  3. Build a robust team and help future talents
    Our team is the backbone of our success. We're dedicated to recruiting new talents, offering internships and sponsoring student associations. Thanks to the collaboration with Lab42, we see chances to participate actively in various recruitment events, to expand our team with highly talented individuals and give them a chance to grow even further.
'Developments in AI go extremely fast. The only way of staying up to date on such developments is to share and discuss.'

What benefits do you see/expect from sharing space with researchers and students?

On a professional level, UbiOps AI platform is well received and supported by researchers and students (amongst others from TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Team Epoch). Being in this space could help spread the word and benefit AI/ML researchers, students alike.

On a personal level, being in the LAB42 is a great melting pot for students full of ideas and energy, building connections with other SMEs in the building and having great conversations.

Developments in AI go extremely fast - as emphasized by how the performance of ChatGPT and similar GenAI models took all of us by surprise - and the only way of staying up to date on such developments is to share and discuss.

"Our mission is to help teams build and manage scalable AI solutions, to drive better business outcomes and a better world."

Have you made any innovative developments since being in LAB42?

Nothing particularly; We have started to focus on the research and education community and LAB42 might very well be a bridge for that.

What does your company bring to the LAB42 community?

  1. Knowledge sharing sessions, learning lunches and quest lectures
    We put a lot of emphasis on our commitment to knowledge sharing. That's why we actively encourage our community to participate in guest lectures, interactive learning lunches, insightful blogs, hackathons, and valuable experts internships.
  2. Connect customers and partners
    We engage in joint research projects for further collaboration and understanding with our Partners and Customers. We create use case stories, whitepapers, webinars and insightful social media announcements. Additionally, we join (and host) networking sessions where ideas (and challenges) are exchanged. By joining LAB42 we aim to arrange even more events and hands-on sessions.
  3. Launching AI applications and projects with UbiOps
    We believe that everyone should have a fair chance to bring their code live. We leverage the power of UbiOps also for student-company projects, ensuring their efficient deployment. We extend our customer support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), ensuring their journey with AI is smooth and efficient. Ask us about our free student licenses or using your NWO/SURF compute budgets with UbiOps. 

What are your plans for next year with your company?

Next year is all about building an AI partner ecosystem, where we demonstrate our joint ability to build and deploy AI solutions in a sustainable (energy consumption) and sovereign (data protection) way. At UbiOps we aspire to bring meaningful artificial intelligence projects to reality. That’s why we will continue helping companies, government organizations, universities, research teams and individuals to run their AI solutions at scale.

2024 will also be all about our unique hybrid & multi-cloud proposition. With our emphasis on continuously improving our UbiOps platform, expanding its powerful hybrid & multi-cloud abilities, and connecting it to more and more sustainable data centers, cloud service providers and high performance compute providers. And we think that the LAB42 community provides an excellent environment for this.