The Code to Change connects high-potential women and underrepresented groups with tech companies


One of the members of our community is The Code to Change, a diversity and inclusion organisation. They are working on connecting high-potential women and underrepresented groups with tech companies.

What are you working on as a company?

We aim to address the existing skills gap in the ICT sector and the associated digital gender divide and lack of diversity. The Code to Change facilitates women and underrepresented groups so they can program their own futures. 

Through carefully designed courses, professional mentorship & an uplifting community, women and underrepresented groups can kickstart their careers or businesses.

'Through collaborative effort, we drive economic and community transformation at a global level.'

Our mission is to eliminate the gender gap in the tech industry by offering digital skills training and mentorship programs that lead to employment opportunities. With over 20,000 women's lives impacted through our programs, we collaborate with companies worldwide to enhance employability, diversity, and social mobility.

Why did you choose LAB42?

LAB42, the ideal choice for establishing our office, offers a vibrant ecosystem brimming with innovation and collaboration. Its strategic location within a tech hub ensures access to top talent and cutting-edge resources. Moreover, LAB42's renowned reputation for fostering a supportive startup culture aligns perfectly with our vision, making it the perfect destination to thrive and grow.

'The LAB42 community offers invaluable support and resources to us.'

What do you think this community can offer you?

By being part of the LAB42 ecosystem, we gain access to a vibrant network of tech professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators. This provides opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing, enabling us to enhance our programs and initiatives. This collaborative engagement enables knowledge sharing and the collective pursuit of diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. 

Together with LAB42, we can leverage their expertise and community to drive positive change and further our impact in promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

What benefits do you see from sharing space with researchers and students?

  1. Knowledge Exchange

    Interacting with researchers and students exposes The Code to Change to the latest advancements, research findings, and emerging trends in the tech industry. This exchange of knowledge can inform and enhance the organization's programs and initiatives.

  2. Networking Opportunities

    Collaborating with researchers and students opens doors to new networks and connections. These connections can lead to potential partnerships, mentorship opportunities, and access to a diverse talent pool, strengthening The Code to Change's reach and impact.

  3. Innovation and Creativity

    Being surrounded by researchers and students fosters an environment of innovation and creativity. Their fresh perspectives, academic expertise, and willingness to explore new ideas can inspire The Code to Change to think outside the box and develop innovative approaches to address diversity and inclusion challenges in the tech industry.

  4. Collaborative Opportunities

    Sharing space with researchers and students creates opportunities for collaborative projects and initiatives. The Code to Change can engage in joint research, pilot programs, or knowledge-sharing initiatives that leverage the expertise and resources of both parties; fostering innovation.

What do you bring to the LAB42 community?

The Code to Change brings diversity expertise, skill development programs, networking opportunities, and a shared vision for social impact, enriching the LAB42 community and contributing to its mission of innovation and collaboration.

What are your plans for next year?

Our plans are to expand impact through our work, projects, events and address the ongoing challenges in the tech industry on international platforms.