AI regional ecosystems | Leading in AI by building public-private partnerships

LAB42 and Science Park

Join us in Amsterdam, a dynamic hub of AI innovation, as we gather leaders from various European AI ecosystems. Our aim is to foster discussions on the transformative potential of public-private partnerships in driving AI innovation. Together, we will chart the path to position Europe as a global leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence.


The purpose of this event is to facilitate collaborative discussions on the critical role of public-private partnerships in fostering innovation within the European AI landscape. By bringing together leaders from various regional AI ecosystems, the event aims to:

  • Promote and explore the potential of public-private partnerships to advance AI innovation in Europe.
  • Discuss best practices from different AI ecosystems across the continent.
  • Delve into topics related to AI entrepreneurship, innovation, ethics, and transparency.
  • Provide a platform for in-depth discussions, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among participants.
  • Shed light on the benefits and challenges of building strong partnerships within the AI ecosystem. 

Registration is free of charge but mandatory.