Amsterdam OpenSearch Launch Event with Zeta Alpha

LAB42, L3.36

Zeta Alpha is inviting the OpenSearch community in Amsterdam to join the launch event of the Amsterdam User Group. There will be Pizza, Refreshments, Talks, and Networking.

What the group is about:

The group consists of people in the Amsterdam area with keen interest in search engineering, open-source search technology, and search relevancy. If you've utilized or are simply curious about core search technologies like OpenSearch, Lucene, or Solr, and their application in fields such as enterprise search, vector search, and generative AI, this is the space for you! They embrace all skill levels. Even if search is just a small part of your day-to-day duties, come learn and connect with other smart engineers. We cover and welcome talks on topics including: search, retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) for Large Language Models (LLM), data connectors and data visualization.


  • 18:00 -- Arrival with food, drinks.
  • 18:30 -- Retrieval Augmented Generation: Lucene based vs Vector databases - Fernando Rejon Barrera.
  • 18:50 -- OpenSearch vector capabilities - Jettro Coenradie.
  • 19:10 -- TBD.
  • 19:30 -- Networking with drinks.
  • 20:00 -- Closing.