ChemAI: How AI is changing chemical discovery


The field of chemistry is ripe for a disruption with AI at all scales: meet the future at the ChemAI event. 

Why here? Why now ?

AI is already a reality in many labs, now is the right moment to dive into a professional event that promotes the adoption of AI in the broad field of chemistry, focusing on molecules, proteins, and materials. Our goal is to showcase successful examples of ML implementation, and engage with businesses interested in digitalizing their operations. Join us in Amsterdam to accelerate the spread of AI in chemical and pharma industry, and foster interdisciplinary research!

10+ Speakers |1 Panel Discussion | 2 Workshops | 8+ Company stands

Why attend ChemAI?

You will find yourself immersed in a disruptive field where to scout for innovations. Gain direct access to world-class talent and researchers. Listen to key opinion leaders and elevate your understanding of AI innovations with valuable insights. Connect with experts who can unlock your organization's potential by using the power of data and algorithms. Don’t miss out!

Keynote Speakers

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