Deep Learning Extravaganza

LAB42 Conference Room L1.02 + ground floor

A paper-preview party of Amsterdam AI ecosystem’s most cutting-edge research. The event is organised by ELLIS unit Amsterdam, in collaboration with the Deep Thinking Hour.

Deep Learning, Representation Learning, and Generative AI. These are three buzzwords that appear not only in research papers but also newspapers and social media. However, how are these three concepts related to each other? 

Generative AI is built on top of the success of Deep Learning, but is there a place for Representation Learning? This talk aims at entertaining the audience with a brief introduction to Generative AI and Representation Learning, and at indicating a possible way of marrying these two fields.

Keynote Speaker

Title: Is there a place for Representation Learning in Generative AI?

Speaker: Jakub M. Tomczak

When: Thursday 8 June; 16:00 – 17:00

Where: Conference Room L1.02 of LAB42

Poster Presentation 

When: Thursday 8 June; 17:00 – 19:30

Where: Ground floor of LAB42

(light refreshment provided)

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