LAB42 Talk | CSC: Federico Fioravanti

LAB42, L3.33

Join us in this Computational Social Choice Seminar from Artem Tsikiridis.


We consider the problem where a set of individuals has to classify m objects into p categories and does so by aggregating the individual classifications. We show that if m ≥ 3, m ≥ p ≥ 2, and classifications are fuzzy, that is, objects belong to a category to a certain degree, then any independent aggregation rule that satisfies a weak unanimity condition belongs to the family of Weighted Arithmetic Means. We also obtain characterization results for m = p = 2.

Computational Social Choice Seminar

This is the programme of the Computational Social Choice Seminar at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) at the University of Amsterdam. The talks mostly address issues at the interface of computer science (including logic and and artificial intelligence) and mathematical economics (including social choice theory, game theory, and decision theory). Talks take one hour, including questions. All welcome!

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