Trends in AI May 2023 - ICLR2023

LAB42, L3.35

Dissecting the current Trends in AI: News, R&D breakthroughs, trending papers and code, and the latest gossip. Live talk show from LAB42 with the Zeta Alpha crew, and online on Zoom. Sign up for the series, come any time you like.

Topics 4 May

  • Synthetic Drake videos and other Text-Driven Video Generation;
  • Collectives of Generative Agents;
  • Open Source and Private LLMs and Assistants;
  • DeepMind’s Google takeover;
  • Langchain, BabyAGI and AutoGPT; DINOv2 release;
  • Synthetic data for ImageNet;
  • GPT for document ranking;
  • AI in Chemistry.

4 May at 4:00 PM with panelists Fernando Rejon Barrera, Jakub Zavrel and Konstantinos Papakostas. 

Join in person in LAB42 - room 3.35, or online.

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9 June 2023 - 04:00 PM

14 July 2023 - 04:00 PM