Trends in AI November 2023

LAB42, L3.35

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If you are coming in person: The meeting is in room L3.35 (3rd Floor) LAB42, Science Park 900, 1098 XH Amsterdam.

November edition

In this November edition of the "Trends in AI" webinar, we'll discuss new frameworks for LLM Evaluation, 1e26 and the Executive Order. What went on at Bletchley Park. The difference between 10M and 10B. Launches of Yarn-Mistral-7B-128k, AlphaFold v3 preview, IdeoGram, and RedPajama. The AI Hardware race, RepLLaMA + RankLLaMA, Hallucinations and progress in Retrieval Augmented Generation. memGPT: LLMs as Operating Systems, Sub-1-Bit Compression of Trillion-Parameter Models, Zephyr, PaLI-3 Vision Language Models, and much much more… Join us for an insightful discussion on the cutting-edge research and exciting breakthroughs happening in the AI industry.