Workshop Science and Storytelling


Besides a significant data analysis component, (data) science is also about storytelling. What story emerges from your results? And how do you communicate your insights effectively? In this workshop you learn to use narrative techniques to share your research in a captivating way.

Using short interactive exercises, we help you determine your message and goal (spoiler alert: it’s never just ‘informing’ the public). We then zoom out to help you step into the shoes of your target audience, and teach you what steps you need to take to prevent your message from being misunderstood. We briefly address all aspects of science communication and how they can contribute to your impact as a scientist.

We will cover what makes a good story, and you’ll start writing your own during this workshop. You will use your own data, tables and data visualizations as input, so by the end of the workshop you have a data-driven story based on the principles of storytelling.