Rent a fixed desk

In the heart of the building everything comes together. Here you can work, grab a coffee with your clients or discuss the latest AI developments with students, researchers and other community members. 

Become part of the ecosystem and hire a desk in a shared room with other AI and tech entrepreneurs. This fixed desk is yours, whenever you'd like to work at LAB42. You can rent a fixed desk from €519,- per month.

Are you an innovative company (scale up) in the field of AI and digital innovation? Feel free to connect and ask for more details about the attractive rental conditions at LAB42.

Renting a fixed desk includes:

  • Being part of the UvA’s AI & digital innovation community
  • Office furniture
  • Access to community events & opportunities
  • Office hours 7:00-22:00, weekend 10:00-18:00
  • Stable and secure Wi-Fi internet connection
  • Scan and print facilities
Join our unique talent under one roof in LAB42!